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INDONESIA TECHNICAL ROADSHOW - Expert Advice on Meeting the Challenge from Mycotoxins

Australian based Algebra Bio Limited working with their Indonesia distributor partners TMC (PT.Anugerah Panji Mandiri) have an important programme in place to help local poultry and livestock producers to be fully aware of the potential severe impacts from mycotoxins in feeds and ways to combat threats which are known to be present in materials in 2023.

During the fourth quarter of 2022 the two businesses sponsored a series of meetings across East Java, in the centres of egg production in Kediri-Pare and Blitar. These gained great interest and participation from farmers in different venues. The series of meetings, under the banner of ‘The Hidden Problem of Avian Mycotoxicosis and Its Impacts’ were led by leading nutrition and health expert Mr Tony Unandar. Who was able to discuss the wide ranging impacts on such things as immunity impairment right down to answering questions from individual farms on their problems and situations.

Algebra Bio Limited is active across the Asia Pacific Region and Indonesia a leader amongst the top 10 markets where they make available a range of sustainable solutions to meet health and nutritional challenges. Commenting, James Charteris-Hough, the Managing Director of Algebra said ‘Its increasingly evident that the poultry industry continues to be impacted by mycotoxins but in many cases some of these are not immediately evident, making them all the more serious. Our job here is to raise awareness and help producers to implement good strategies to protect their flocks’

Speaking on behalf of TMC, Commercial Director Mr Denniswara Sibit welcomed this roadshow type initiative as a way to bring farmers together to discuss an important problem between themselves and with experts. He commented, ‘This initiative during the latter part of 2022 has been very useful for our poultry clients, evidenced by the very large turnout at the meetings and the long question sessions that were had’ ‘An extension to this roadshow will be held during the first quarter of 2023 at some different venues’ he added.

A complete report on Part One of the roadshows is available, prepared by Mr Budi Novianto (Business Manager Indonesia for Algebra Bio, based in Bogar). Please contact Mr Novianto for further details , including of the plans for the extended series of meetings to secure your place. Or alternatively drop a mail to


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