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Australia based Algebra Bio is the creation of a group of like-minded industry specialists able to offer more than standard products and services. Awareness of the opportunities created by a changing market and a real focus on supplying a personalised service are important in differentiating how the business operates.


The business team in Algebra brings:


  • Experience in and knowledge of the developing Asia Pacific food and feed industries

  • Technical knowledge in the areas of health and nutrition

  • Extensive network of contacts throughout the supply chain

  • Sound analytical and business management knowledge and experience

  • Understanding of the key requirements of innovators and manufacturers

  • Knowledge of the changing and developing needs of the markets and region


The industry is seeking ever more effective yet natural products and this is where Algebra is focused, on natural solutions to meet the needs of the feed and food producer and the ever more discerning consumer. Working closely with technology providers and specialist manufacturers, innovation of approach to product development and application is vital.

Applications in health and nutrition for humans, animals and in aquaculture...





Human Food


Business head office is in New South Wales, Australia with a sister company in Hong Kong able to work with business partners and service customers throughout the Asia Pacific Region and beyond.

Introducing Algebra - Yeast Portfolio

Introducing Algebra - Yeast Portfolio

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Our technology partners would say this about us:

  • Algebra bring innovation and creativity in market and product development

  • They provide a committed and dedicated service to ensure customers understand our products

  • Algebra team operates with the highest levels of integrity, reliability and professionalism


Our customers would say:

  • Algebra offer us a personalised service, being aware of our specific needs

  • They provide unique, high quality and competitively priced products

  • Algebra’s dedicated team provide us with excellent technical and a rapid response to queries or problems


Algebra Bio are already working in countries across the Asia Region with a growing team of industry specialists dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and solutions in the areas of health and nutrition for humans and for animals.


Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business.

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