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Algebra Bio held another seminar on 29 August 2023 in Sidoarjo,- supporting the development of poultry industry in Indonesia - the event was co-hosted with PT. Bright International.

Key players from the feed mills and large poultry farms in the East Java Region attended and well known poultry consultant, Mr. Tony Unandar was the keynote speaker, sharing his knowledge about “enhancing modern bird performance by immunomodulation approaches.” He emphasized the importance of immunomodulation, particularly innate immunity, in protecting the body from pathogen attacks. He explained how yeast fragments such as 1-3,1-6 beta glucans and MOS can enable stronger innate immunity cells and promote gut health, actively protecting the animal's body by eliminating many pathogenic bacteria. This highlights the potential of the yeast fragment can be a prophylactic agent to improve animal health and reduce the need for antibiotics in animal production.

Budi Novianto, Business Development Manager for Algebra Bio, based in Indonesia, presented at the event, discussing optimized approaches to choosing effective MOS and yeast beta glucan products. He highlighted how these products can act as prophylactic agents to enhance immunity and reduce the impact of pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella in the intestines. Additionally, he explained how these products can help to bind mycotoxins, further promoting gut health leading to better farm productivity.

The event demonstrates Algebra's commitment to supporting the livestock industry in Indonesia by sharing knowledge and the latest technologies through seminars and training for farmers and feed mills. Managing Director James Charteris-Hough commented: “ As a passionate and proactive team, we believe in working collaboratively with industry professionals and consultants to actively contribute to the growth of the livestock industry in Indonesia and other Asia markets. Our aim is to provide local livestock producers with the tools and resources they need to improve animal health and welfare, reduce the need for antibiotics, and promote sustainable and profitable farming practices”.

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