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Algebra and VEDAN at ADC 2020

The Australian Dairy Conference 2020 in Melbourne 20 & 21st February is an event focused on the issues and opportunities for the Australian Dairy industry and in particular its farmers. At this year’ event one of the key focal points is about sustainability and war on waste which impacts not only on the agricultural industry but on the wider environment and social aspects. Keynote speaker Lonni Khan for the ‘for purpose’ organisation OzHarvest has pioneers the reduction of waste over many years and emphasised in her presentation that long term sustainability must compromise the three elements of social, environmental and economical sustainability.

Algebra Bio are focused on providing sustainable solutions to the food and feed industries and at the event launched a new offering Bio-MetaPRO which is derived as a co-product from the glutamic acid fermentation process. The product can be used to good effect in the diets of milking and dry cows as a replacer to conventional protein sources with some additional benefits from a high content of functional organic acids. This sustainable solution helps optimise the use of a natural by-product of food ingredient manufacture which otherwise can be a liquid waste. Research is continuing in identifying benefits and uses for a range of livestock and aquaculture applications.

Dr Hsieh Yi Lin Senior Manager with VEDAN highlighted that sustainability and recycling were core to the aims of their business since its first inception in Taiwan in 1954. In recent years many independent trials had been undertaken in the SE Asia Region to identify how best to utilise the secondary products from the glutamic acid fermentation process. Dr Hsieh commented “The VEDAN business is driven by professional innovation in all parts of its business and operations in the interests of the environment and social wellbeing – we certainly support the themes here at this year’s ADC”

In presenting the concept at ADC 2020, Algebra Bio partnered with the Taiwan / Vietnamese business of VEDAN who as primary glutamic acid processors are able to produce the Bio-MetaPRO to a high level of consistency and invest in further research. James Charteris-Hough, the Managing Director of Algebra commented ‘It will be good to see how the applications for this product can be developed with Australian Farmers and Feed Millers – it clearly has great potential.

The event closes on 21st February and Algebra / VEDAN are welcoming guests to its exhibit and to discuss commercial applications and technical application trials in Australia.

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