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Algebra Bio – Supporting Educational Programmes

Algebra Bio has become a gold sponsor to OSTIS (Online Swine Training International School) launched by Progressus. Education is important and Algebra Bio is keen to support the ASPAC swine industry in these challenging times. OSTIS is a great way for many people who can attend online from the office or home at any time and get opportunities for interactive sessions. This online learning platform offers up-to-date, practical learning experiences and vital information in a wide range of technical subjects in swine farming and husbandry. The areas covered are important and topical, helping pig producers, integrators, feed millers, etc to succeeding and develop their pig industry knowledge.

Algebra Managing Director JCH commented ”Its especially important at these challenging times in the industry that we continue to drive knowledge and education for our people”

This online training covers 3 main modules (1st Swine Health, 2nd Swine Nutrition, 3rd Swine Farming and Production). First module starts 7th December 2020 and Algebra wishes the programme great success in the future.


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