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Algebra Bio Launch at PIX/AMC (Gold Coast 3rd - 5th June)

Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast Australia – Algebra Bio, an innovative animal nutrition business will formally launch its new ANZ entity Algebra Bio (Australia) PTY Ltd. The Algebra business which manages most of its Asia operations from their Hong Kong entity will present its range of activities and showcase a number of products newly available to the Australian market.

At the event, the Algebra team will be inviting guests to inspect a new range of innovative products and meet with specialists from two of its key technology partners. Its portfolio of high specification natural feed ingredients is targeted to improve nutrition and animal health, leading to better returns through performance improvement.

Comprehensive R&D of innovative new products is central to uncovering enhanced nutrient utilisation by animals. Through sharing the technical resources of nutrition and management advice, Algebra works with companies to produce safe, health meat and eggs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Another application for its products and services is into the pet and equine sectors where some of its products are already utilised.

As application specialists, the Algebra team is focused in four key areas:

  • Yeast and other pre / probiotic products

  • Essential oils / other natural products to help animals in stress conditions

  • Mycotoxin solutions

  • Functional fibre products

The other core activity of the business is in the management of technical and commercial projects, especially in the areas of natural micro-nutrients and the optimized utilisation of co-products from the food and drinks industries.

One of Algebra’s first product to market in Australia is its functional yeast product X-MOS which was launched late in 2017. It is a very high purity form of Yeast Cell Walls produced through efficient yeast extraction technology. In addition to its gut health and mycotoxin binding benefits it works also to enhance both specific and non-specific immunity across a range of species. Two further new yeast-based products being showcased are X-SEL 3000 and X-TIDE, presenting new organic selenium and specialist yeast nutrient offerings.

Bio Fibre is a new functional fibre presented at the event from Algebra. This well researched fibre from beet, derived in Europe offers a balance of soluble and insoluble fractions providing benefits to a range of livestock types. The digestive attributes of the product are already well recognised in the diets of ruminants, horses and pet food. Dietary fibre is also increasingly important in the diets of pigs and poultry and the team is on hand at the event to discuss specific applications.

The area of essential oils is starting to attract enormous interest as businesses wish to research strategies to reduce and ultimately remove ‘in-feed’ antibiotics. The new O’gano products from Algebra present perhaps the best researched oregano oil products to the industry, much of it done in Europe and the company is already engaged in new R & D within Australia.

Mr. James Charteris-Hough, Managing Director of Algebra Bio will welcome guests at the event and comments: “Australia is a very important market to the company. We see some fantastic opportunities to work not just as a supplier but as a technology partner with local and multinational businesses”

Please contact hello@algebra-bio for further details.

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