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New Year launch of Algebra Xpel Spectra in Korea

New in January 2018 in Seoul, Korea - CALS NBT, the distribution partner for Algebra Bio in South Korea launch a complete 3-way-approach to mycotoxin management – a new product from Australia - Xpel Spectra.

CALS NBT, headquartered in Gyeonggi-do with a branch office in Seoul, The business is focused on production and distribution of innovative and reputable feed additives and animal health products in Korea and International markets. They sustain their enormous ambition of developing cutting edge technologies to benefit the livestock industry.

Xpel Spectra formulation includes concentrated yeast derivatives alongside, zeolite and fossilised algae providing a highly effective way of managing mycotoxins in-feed protecting animals from the risk of mycotoxicosis. It can also improve gut health and digestive tract performance leading to better animal health, improved performance and increased profits.

Extensive in-vitro trials have demonstrated the product to have higher binding characteristics than traditional competing products. The balanced 3-way-approach to overcoming the problems from mycotoxins works in key ways:

  • Adsorption of specific mycotoxins by specific active ingredients

  • Immunity benefits to the animal to combat health impacts of mycotoxins

  • Gut health benefits

The product is formulated to manage the most challenging of mycotoxin threats in all species where problems are likely to be posed by the widest range of toxins in the feed materials.

The collaboration between CALS NBT and Algebra Bio is to drive expanding sales and enhance customer service in the Korean market. The extensive experience and expertise of the CALS team will enables customers to apply effectively new technologies and products in Korea.

For more information, please visit our website or email us through

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