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Algebra Bio – Philippine Launch in the Biggest Poultry Show and Gamefowl Exhibit in 2017

Pasay City, Philippines – Algebra Bio Limited, an innovative animal nutrition business, participated for the first time in the Philippine Poultry Show & Fiestag 2017. Taking advantage of this prestigious event, Algebra Bio officially announced its launch in the Philippine market with a range of natural nutritional solutions for the local and international livestock industry.

The Poultry Show is the only event in the country that solely focuses on the poultry industry networking between farmers, breeders and feed manufactures, with more than 16,500 visitors in its last show in 2015. Mr. Rodel Cueno, Algebra Technical Sales Director for South East Asia, said “It is a great platform and opportunity for us to communicate with customers specifically on their needs. At Algebra, we are establishing a well-balanced portfolio of relevant products and pioneering services, coupled with our resolute focus on market needs, which is already gaining great customer buy-in.”

The main products that have been introduced at the event are X-MOS™, Xpel™, Spectra™ and O’gano™ (liquid and powder):

X-MOS™ – Highly concentrated functional Yeast Cell Walls.

Xpel™ – Unique freshwater diatomite as MTBs

Spectra™ – Broad spectrum MTBs

O’gano™ – Pure Oreganum essential oil to improve performance

Algebra Bio offers livestock and feed producers in the Philippines a new range of innovative, natural and economical feed ingredients that improve poultry performance through better nutrition and health, which lead to improved returns on investment.

“The industry is seeking ever more effective yet natural and innovative nutritional and health improving solutions and this is where Algebra is focused. Using our strong technical background and innovative ideas to make animals heathier thus bringing customer benefits”, commented James Charteris-Hough – Managing Director of Algebra Bio.

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