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New Collaboration in Bangladesh - Algebra Bio and Inter Agro

On the 12th March 2021 Bangladesh and Australia Governments announced their joint intent to deepen and widen the economic ties between the two Countries (ref. Daily Star Report – 11 March 2021). Presently, the bilateral trade between the two countries is worth about $2 billion but it was stated that there was enormous potential there to expand it still further. At the same time and in their modest way, the Companies of Algebra Bio and Inter Agro have announced their own plans for joint development.

Sydney based Algebra Bio is delighted to launch its business in Bangladesh in March of 2021 with a collaboration on a number of new health and nutrition solutions being offered for the first time in this market. The two businesses are working together to offer the local livestock and aquaculture industries natural and sustainable ways to enhance the efficiency of production and quality of food products.

Dr Khasru, the CEO of Dhaka based Inter Agro commented; ‘We see the close partnership with Algebra Bio as a good way to bring new innovations to our established and new client base across Bangladesh’. Speaking at a recent launch meeting he went on to say; ‘In order to push the boundaries of production efficiency its vital we can access new innovations globally and this relationship with the team at Algebra will help enable just that’.

The collaboration is focused at this stage in three technology areas:

  • Essential Oils – through supply of the Algebra DOSTO O’gano products from Europe

  • Organic Minerals – with X-SEL 3000, a potent new organic selenium source - 100% naturally manufactured from yeast.

  • Pre-biotic and immune enhancement – through a very pure yeast fraction under the X-MOS brand.

James Charteris-Hough, the Managing Director of Australian based Algebra Bio commented; ‘The livestock industry in Bangladesh is growing very quickly so we are delighted to be a part of that development and are looking forward to working closely with the experienced team at Inter Agro’.

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