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AQUA SEMINAR BANGKOK, Developments in Asian Aquaculture – Collaboration March 2023

Working in collaboration, Australian based Algebra Bio Limited, Innovet Corp of Thailand, and industry renowned Professor Orapint Jintasataporn, from Kasetsart University presented a technical development seminar at an event held last week pre-VIV Asia. The agenda included ongoing industry trends and developments across the Asia Pacific Region and examined to role of natural yeast derivatives to optimize productivity in fish and shrimp.

Some interesting discussions centred around the benefits of yeast beta glucan in improving the immune status and survival rates in a range of fish and shrimp. It was observed that improvements in weight gain, FCR and overall performance from natural yeast containing concentrated mannan oligosaccharides and beta glucans had been shown consistently in a range of trials. Also highlighted were the significant benefits to be gained in the production shrimp / prawn from the antioxidant and other characteristics found in organic selenium.

Dr. Orapint Jintasataporn, a leading Professor in aquaculture at Kasetsart University has a wealth of experience in this area and commented “The production challenges for shrimp and fish in Thailand and neighbouring countries are ever changing, including from disease threats. Anything that can be done to strengthen the immune status will be important in overall pond management and helping improve productivity in often challenging environments”.

In addition to the representations from the Innovet team in Thailand, the event brought together businesses from across the ASPAC Region including, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Commenting, James Charteris-Hough, the Managing Director of Algebra Bio said ‘It has been great to get together businesses from across the Region to discuss aqua developments in an industry that is expanding at around 10 per cent annually’ ‘The learning gained will be invaluable for those participating and Algebra hopes that this will be the first of a number of such technical seminars’.

Thailand partners, Innovet Corporation assisted in the event organization and pulling the programme together including some pre-event benchtop trials at Kasetsart with Dr Orapint’s team. Innovet CEO Mr Supachok Phuprasert added ‘It’s been a pleasure working with Dr Orapint and the Algebra team on this initiative and we hope this can be following up with some further University trials and development activities’

Further information is available through the lead organiser and Chairman for the event Dr Lee Hock Hee (Commercial Development Director – Algebra Bio)


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