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Algebra Developments in The Philippines

Algebra Bio reinforced its commitment to support its distributors in the Philippines market this month through a series of meetings held at or around the well-attended International Farmers’ Summit held last June 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Dr Lee Hock Hee (Algebra Commercial Development Director) was with Country Manager Mr Jong Viray to progress a number of development initiatives with key business partners.

Pictured are meetings with Mr Freddy Ong (Family Farms Corp), Mr Nonon Tambago (Pork Producers Federation President), Ms Bettina Ang (Vista Del Rio), plus with industry consultants Dr Jovelyn Betia and Mr James Ave. Central to the discussions were initiatives to provide better solutions to livestock farmers facing the ongoing health and disease challenges. Strategies to overcome continued threats from mycotoxins in feeds are being progressed through the Algebra distributor for mycotoxin binders, Vetspeak Inc.

Exhibiting at the event was Interfarma Nutraceuticals Inc., who partner with Algebra Bio of the X-MOS and X-SEL 3000 products showcasing a number of their technical solutions under the guidance of Mr Earl Acabal (Technical Manager). The Interfarma CEO, Mr Eddel Bihis expressed confidence that the collaboration of Interfarma with its international business partners can help the Philippines livestock industry overcome its ongoing challenges.


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