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Feeding the Animal’s Second Brain – The Gut!

The three technology-based businesses are combining their efforts to focus on some critical aspects in animal health and nutrition, especially of swine herds in the Philippines. The three technical seminars at various locations in Luzon are to be held on 15th and 16th May.

Feeding the Animal’s Second Brain – The Gut!

Venues Detail

Wednesday 15th May

11:30am – 3:30pm, Joya & Foyer Function Room, 8th Floor, Crimson Hotel

Thursday 16th May

9:30am – 1:00pm, Baccus Lounge, Midori Hotel

4:30pm – 8:30pm, Hap Chan, Km. 17 Barrio Canumay Caltex Valenzuela, North Luzon Expressway

The invited speakers are specialists in their fields and will present latest findings on natural solutions to optimise nutrition and gut health, presenting options too that can ensure naturally high immune status in the animal.

Robert Lijauco, the CEO of Nutribasics will Chair each of the events and comments ‘The important role of functional fibre in the diets of pigs is becoming increasingly recognised and we look forward to having leading nutritionist Art Frio present recent finding on this topic’.

With African Swine Fever and an increasing range of pathogens being an ever present threat across Asia, livestock producers are seeking ways to strengthen the animals natural immune system. James Charteris-Hough, the Managing Director of Algebra Bio will introduce the topic of enhancing natural immunity, and comments‘ Combining the need to have good gut health and strong resistance to disease with a desire to reduce the use of antibiotics is a challenge that can be best approached using well proven yet innovative strategies’.

Eddel Bihis, the CEO of Interfarma is seeing increased demands on his technical team to find new approaches to optimised performance. ‘In these two key areas for livestock health and nutrition it is important to get active participation of experts from farm level. An invited audience of experts and farmers will have a great opportunity to exchange ideas in the forums’ comments Mr Bihis.

Presented papers will be available after the events and for further information contact any one of the three sponsors as follow:,,

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