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Beet Fibre – New Opportunities in SE Asia

Global interest and demand for functional fibre nutrients is increasing as scientific research uncovers nutritional benefits of the inclusion of a soluble and insoluble fibres in the diets of a range of livestock types. Whilst digestible fibre is well recognised as an essential element in ruminant diets, the benefits of fibre are now being highlighted in swine and poultry through research and commercial applications.

Algebra Bio now import highly digestible fibre products derived from sugar beet processing into SE Asia and in some development work in the Philippines are making the products available for the first time through its distribution partner Nutribasics. The beet fibre is being marketed under twin brands of Beta Fibre and Bio Fibre which differ primarily in their sourcing and physical form (pellet size).

Robert Lijauco, Managing Director of Nutribasics is enthusiastic about the benefits for end users stating; ‘The initial responses we have had on Mindanao for feeding to dairy and beef cattle have been tremendous with farmers able to see the benefits of a product that will stabilise the rumen and improve the utilisation of the whole diet’. Of even greater potential is the utilisation of Beta Fibre as a functional fibre for swine and poultry. Nutritionists in the Philippines are already starting to incorporate the product which has non-nutritional benefits aside from expected better performance.

Similar potential also exists in neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. James Charteris-Hough, Managing Director of Algebra commented: ‘Work is underway to allow customers in other SE Asia countries access to the products. Changes in the way livestock are produced will further fuel interest in natural functional fibres. Algebra also have a policy to ensure that products sourced are non-GM to allow all users to be confident and able to utilise the full potential of the product' .

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