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Alliance for Natural Nutritional Solutions to ABF (Antibiotic Free Diet)

Surabaya (17 May 2017) – The Indo Livestock Expo & Forum was recently held at Grand City Convex, Surabaya on 17-19 May 2017. This conference is the biggest technology event of Indonesia’s livestock, feed and meat processing industry. More than 12,000 trade visitors, delegates and various stakeholders of the industry attended the event including a showcase of at least 300 exhibitors.

Various technical product presentations were held during the Indo Livestock with key topics such as maximizing the value of essential oils in poultry and managing the risk of mycotoxins in the feed industry. Due to the anticipated ban on the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), both essential oils and mycotoxin binders would be key alternatives designed to mimic the working effects of AGPs on gut microflora without the concern on resistance.

Algebra Bio recently appointed JAPFA – SBU Animal Health and Livestock Equipment as its distributor in Indonesia. With the assistance of Drh. Laxmi Nellaserie, two product trainings were held to the sales people of JAPFA – SBU AH during the same week of Indo Livestock. The first one was held in Jakarta, headed by their Technical and Global Support Manager, Drh. Yusman Friyadi, while the second one was held in Surabaya, headed by Drh. Danardana Agung Nugraha, Head of Marketing. Mr. James Charteris-Hough, Managing Director of Algebra Bio introduced an overview of the company and its business proposition during the product trainings. Furthermore, Mr. Rodel Cueno, Technical Sales Director of Algebra Bio, discussed the natural solutions that the company has to offer, such as mycotoxin binders, essential oils and yeast derivatives.

The alliance between Algebra and JAPFA - SBU AH aims to provide the industry natural nutritional solutions to AGPs that aim to promote overall gut health, which is the key in improving the overall efficiency of animal production.

Product training at Surabaya:

Drh. Laxmi Nellaserie (1st from left);

Mr. Rodel Cueno (6th from left);

Mr. James Charteris-Hough (5th from right);

Drh. Danardana Agung Nugraha (4th from right).

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