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Algebra Bio - New Innovations Business

Hong Kong, 1st September 2016. Managing Director James Charteris-Hough today announced the launch of the new Algebra Bio Website following the business establishment three months ago. Algebra Bio Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 1st June 2016 and has been undergoing rapid commencement of commercial activities.

The Algebra business is the creation of some like-minded industry specialists looking to offer more than standard products and services. It has a real focus on new innovations and supplying a personalised service to meet the needs of a changing market.

“ Offering innovative, effective and sustainable solutions is where Algebra is focused. Developing and bringing to market natural products to meet the changing needs of the feed and food producer and the ever more discerning consumer is the heart of how Algebra operates” stated by Mr Charteris-Hough.

Algebra is based in Hong Kong, and is looking to meet the many complexed requirements of specific markets, particularly Asia, and is focused on ways to add value for customers through application of improved or more cost effective products or technologies.

Algebra is working closely with its selected technology partners to bring innovation and creativity to market and product development and its dedicated service ensure customers understand their products. “ We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Algebra in developing to market for our new Xpel product. They bring expertise in the market and we like the fit with their innovative range of natural customer solutions” said Peter Prentice, CEO of Agripower, one of Algebra’s technology partners.

Algebra is working in countries across the Asia Pacific region with growing team of industry specialists dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and products to the food, feed and livestocks industries.

For more information, please contacting us by clicking here.

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