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Xpel Partnership for India

Groexl joins the global family of Algebra Bio distributors next month when they launch the Xpel mycotoxin binder into the market in India. Whilst the product will have a good role to play in the growing cattle and aquaculture sectors in India, the immediate focus will be into the large poultry industry. The product is designed and proven to combat the threat of a range of mycotoxins through its unique structure and characteristics.

“Xpel has already undergone commercial trials with some of our key poultry integrator customers here in India with some excellent results” comments Dr Jayanth Deshpande one of India’s leading poultry consultants based in Bangalore.

Dr BP Manjunath, CEO of the Groexl business is concerned about the ongoing challenges in the Indian feed supply chain and sees that this proven solution, produced in Australia can provide much needed reliable insurance against mycotoxin challenges. “The launch of this product in February 2022 puts our Groexl business in the forefront of providing our clients with reliable and cost-effective safeguards against costly mycotoxin impacts’’ comments Dr Manjunath.

The product will be available across India from February 2022 and James Charteris-Hough, MD of Algebra Bio commented, ‘’We are delighted to establish this distribution partnership with the Groexl business and look forward to bringing our mycotoxin solutions to the important India market with Dr Manjunath and his team”


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