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Algebra Bio and Prima Vetcare Launch X-SEL 3000 in India

Algebra Bio - the business has announced the appointment of Prima Vetcare as its strategic distribution partner for India.

Prima Vetcare – based in Mumbai is one of India’s foremost companies in the Animal Pharmaceutical, Feed Additive and Functional Ingredient market in India with a selected product range from well-respected global suppliers. Prima serve all types of customers in the large and developing India animal nutrition sectors with great distribution channels, technical support and focused marketing strategy.

Mr. James Charteris-Hough, Managing Director of Australia based Algebra Bio said: “Algebra Bio is excited to be working with Prima Vetcare, knowing their strength and experience in developing its customer base in the Country over the past 25 years. We are keen to support its customers on the ground to help deliver complete natural solutions, including through the provision of technical and business services.”

In collaboration with Prima, Algebra Bio is launching X-SEL 3000 as a highly potent and effective organic selenium product throughout India. The product derived from a natural yeast fermentation process uses yeast strains specifically designed to provide best selenium uptake and retention in the body tissues. Amongst other benefits, organic selenium is well proven to be a highly effective antioxidant providing chemopreventive and immunomodulating impacts.

Ms Ritika Chopra, CEO of Prima Vetcare stated; “Algebra Bio’s new organic selenium fits perfectly with our portfolio and we look forward to a long and rewarding partnership between us”. Ms Chopra added “There is enormous potential for this product in poultry, cattle and aquaculture applications and we feel it will bring great benefits to our customers”.

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